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Golden Homecoming 50th Reunion

October 5th and 6th 2007 held at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Hotel

from the
16th floor

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taken and submitted by Virgil Baker

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Friday Oct, 5th 2007 - Visitation and Dinner at the hotel 

Saturday Oct, 6th 2007 - Main event

5:00 pm Get Reacquainted


6:00 pm Group Picture Clyde Olvey
6:45 pm Recognize Teachers, Roll Call
    (no teachers were in attendance)
Robert Nix
7:00 pm Entertainment Marcia Foster Dunscomb, Sara Kimsey Bryant
Mary Greak Cave, Bobby Goss
7:30pm Invocation, Dinner  Bobby Goss
8:45 pm Trivia Jimmy Knight
9:00 pm Games and Prizes John Mullinax, M. J. Harkins Wood
9:30 pm Grand Prize Award Robert Nix
9:45 pm Recognition Awards  Robert Nix
10:00 pm
 - Until
Music & More Get Reacquainted Alton Gloer

Reunion Summary

About 50 classmates gathered in the Marriott Mercedes Room on Friday evening for an informal visitation time and dinner.

On Saturday morning a group went to Frank & Bills for breakfast. At mid-day another group of about 30 classmates visited the Varsity for old time’s sake and a stomach challenge.

Around 6:00 PM all were gathered outside the hotel where Clyde Olvey, Christine Burnett Olvey’s husband, took a class photograph.  After returning inside, Robert Nix, Chairman of the Reunion Planning Committee, led the traditional Roll Call. As he called each name, the classmate stood and introduced their guest.  Next we were entertained with an outstanding exhibition of singing and musical talent by Marcia Foster Dunscomb, Sara Kimsey Bryant, Mary Greak Cave and Bobby Goss.  Several solo pieces were knock outs, simply superb!

Appetites were beginning to exert themselves and Bobby Goss invoked thanks for our blessings.  The dinner fare was delicious and ample.  After a satisfying meal, Jimmy Knight made a special presentation of a Russell High Class of 1957 Spirit Award to Jo Ann Bolton Marks for her dedication and spirit throughout all this and past reunions. This Spirit Award was definitely earned by Jo Ann.  Then, Jimmy successfully stumped many classmates with Russell and East Point Trivia.  An appointed person from each table came forward to answer the questions.  Contenders supplying wrong answers returned to their seats.  Eventually the only person left standing was John Sheats, and he was awarded a very nice Texas gift basket.

After Trivia, John Mullinax and M. J. Harkins Wood officiated some games awarding more prizes. Bob Carver (Russell ’61), Shirley Carver Locklear’s younger brother, won the elimination "derby of songs of the 50's" and walked away with a nifty 50—dollar bill that is! Jerry Watson won the "spin the bottle" event and captured an elegant Christmas at the White House book and some 50's CD's.  Alan Pope won two boxes of golf balls for making the final spin. John Sheats won a Twenty Dollar bill for defeating the trick question on who is the president pictured on the hundred dollar bill (hint—Franklin was never president).  Sara Kimsey Bryant won the drawing for free admission for one to our next Rally or Reunion event along with an outside thermometer and throw blanket.  Alton Gloer won the traditional Russell High Class of 1957 Banner and a three CD 50's album (like he needs more music)!

And finally, Robert Nix held an elimination drawing for free passage on a planned 2008 class cruise.  As each name was drawn they were eliminated until five names were left at which time folks from the audience could bid to take one of the remaining five if they were willing to sell.  Robert Nix bid and bought a slot with four remaining.  He then sold for a higher amount than what he had paid for his slot to a bidder with two remaining.  Jeanette Cox Knight was the final winner.  Congratulations to Jeanette - what a nice prize! (Unfortunately, the cruise and prize was subsequently cancelled because only a few could participate in this February event.)

The scheduled program ended with the recognition of the planning committee and a few additional awards.  Jimmy Knight was presented a special award for his efforts locating missing classmates and other class related tasks.  Jo Ann Bolton Marks presented Robert Nix with an award for his tremendous work in organizing this and all of our past events.  John Mullinax was also recognized for his help with the event.

Alton Gloer, our classmate known as the disk jockey "Daddy G" in the Atlanta area, provided background music from the 50’s during the evening.

During the evening we had the opportunity to review eight tables of memorabilia including numerous pictures, mementoes, and keepsakes. Displays included a girls PE uniform, a majorette uniform, and an old Russell football jacket. Becky Brown Jernigan coordinated the recruitment and display of the memorabilia. Also, available for review was a memorial picture presentation of our deceased classmates prepared by C. J. Mowell.

We had about 130 people in attendance including 80 classmates. Louise Brandenburg Aronow, Diane Leverette Savage and Carlos West were attending for the first time. Each classmate received an address directory prepared by Clyde Olvey with assistance from his wife Christine Burnett Olvey. This directory included the Alma Mater and "The Ghost of Russell" poem composed by Clyde.

Every classmate also received a "50th Roll Call Information Update" with a short paragraph on the major events in each person’s life over the past 50 years. This booklet, prepared by Diane Haddle Bridges and Jo Ann Bolton Marks with assistance from John Mullinax and M.J. Harkins Wood, also included the "Roll Call" poem by Diane Haddle Bridges and "Forward to the Past or Back to the Future Reversed" poem by John Mullinax. In addition, we all received a "Wildcat" coffee mug with a "Russell 1957" and "50 Year Reunion" inscription. C. J. Mowell was responsible for the design and ordering of the mugs.

Room and table decorations were prepared by M. J. Harkins Wood, Nancy Mitchell, and Jo Ann Bolton Marks. Diane Shockley Sammons and Barbara Hill Rainwater were responsible for the large floral arrangement and the floral center pieces on each table. Robert Nix, assisted by Diane Haddle Bridges and Jo Ann Bolton Marks, was responsible for meal planning. Diane Haddle Bridges provided the Russell 50th cake.

The "Invitation" letter was prepared and mailed out to all classmates by Jimmy Knight. The name tags for every classmate and guest were prepared by John Mullinax. Shirley Carver Locklear and Eleanor Folsom Nagle managed the "sign in" book and distributed the name tags, Address Directory and Information Update. In addition, Joel Bryant and Ronald Haney helped with the planning.


Overall Event Coordination ........ Robert Nix, Chairman Planning Committee
Preparation and mailing of the "Event Invitation Letter" ........ Jimmy Knight, lost classmate finder extraordinaire
Preparation of the “50th Roll Call Information Update” questionnaire ........ Diane Haddle Bridges and Jo Ann Bolton Marks
Large floral arrangement and floral center pieces at each table ........ Diane Shockley Sammons and Barbara Hill Rainwater
Room and table decorations ........ M. J. Harkins Wood, Nancy Mitchell, and Jo Ann Bolton Marks. 
50th Reunion Cake ........ Diane Haddle Bridges
Memorial Tribute DVD at front of room ........ C. J. Mowell
Coffee Cup design and acquisition ........ C. J. Mowell
Design and publishing of the Classmate Address Directory ........ Clyde Olvey, assisted by his wife Christine Burnett Olvey
Preparation of the “50th Roll Call Information Update” booklet ........ Diane Haddle Bridges and Jo Ann Bolton
      with assistance from John Mullinax and M.J. Harkins Wood
Memorabilia Coordination ........ Becky Brown Jernigan
Sign In Table ........ Shirley Carver Locklear and Eleanor Folsom Nagle
Hotel Arrangements ........ Robert Nix
Meal Planning ........ Robert Nix, assisted by Diane Haddle Bridges and Jo Ann Bolton Marks
Name Tags ........ John Mullinax
Guest Book ........ John Mullinax
Treasurer ........ Jo Ann Bolton Marks
Live entertainment ........ Marcia foster, pianist/vocalist; vocalists Bobby Goss,
Mary Greak Cave, Sara Kimsey Bryant
Background music from the 50's ........ Alton Gloer, a.k.a. Big Daddy
Table Identification Placards ........ M. J. Harkins Wood
Baccalaureate Service and Senior Picnic at Callaway Gardens DVD**  ........ Jean Steele Williams
Audio Visual Equipment ........ Robert Highsmith, lawyer of Holland & Knight (arranged by Becky Brown Jernigan)
Assorted Planning Committee Support ........ Joel Bryant and Ronald Haney

Awards and Recogniti

Russell High Class of 1957 Spirit Award
Special Recognition Award plaque
Recognition Award engraved knife
Recognition Award engraved kni



Jo Ann Bolton Marks
Jimmy Knight
Robert Nix
John Mullinax


Texas Basket
$50 bill
several DVD albums
Christmas at the White House Book
two boxes of Golf Balls
Outside thermometer
Throw Blanket
$20 bill
Free admission for one to the next event
Russell 57 Banner



** due to program time limitations and visual equipment location the DVD was not shown, we will attempt to make a copy available for viewing on the web site

A call to the Golden Homecoming 50th Reunion by Dianne (Haddle) Bridges

Roll Call



Fifty years, now come and see,
What these years did to you and me!
Can't turn back the clock on what's happened to us,
Needless to say, we won't make a fuss.
If you know your address, your age and your name,
You're doing okay, keep playing the game.

For those of you who weren't at the rally,
You missed lots of fun, so please don't dally,
And skip the reunion on October sixth,
You could lose out on prizes and "pics",
Nostalgia, humor, trivia and tricks.
We'll make merry the moments with gladness and laughs,
And memories of 50 years so quickly passed.
To be reunited as old friends forever,
Sharing our dreams and our lifetime's endeavor.
We'll talk of the things we did way back then,
The time when you knew a friend was a friend.

So go ahead now--make your reservation,
To see your old friends, without hesitation,
Get your name in for the big ROLL CALL,
At our reunion-- so come one, come all!
For old times' sake, we'll have a blast,
While we've got the PRESENCE  to speak of the past!!

Diane Haddle Bridges 2007