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Ms. Schofield 5th Grade

1st Row.  __________, Carolyn McKinney, Wayne Collins
2nd Row.  Pat Drake, Knox Childers, Shirley Carver, Bobby Wise, Sue Johnson, Robert Lanier, Peggy Bishop, Carlton Hayes, Jeanette Padget
3rd Row.  Pat Smith, Edward McGuyrt, Colleen Sellers, Bobby Goss, Shirley Parker, Bobby Bickers, Shirley McGinnis, Elmer Holden, Elizabeth Padget
4th Row.  Mrs. Schofield, Shirley Carr, __________, Christine Cline, Joe Boyd Payton, Catherine DuPree, Jerry Hudgins, Sara Sims, __________,
picture provided by Shirley McGinnis Williams.

Ms. Westbrook 5th Grade

1st Row (sitting).  Robert Nix, __________, __________,
2nd Row.  __________, __________, Eleanor Folsom,Jerry, Beatenbaugh, __________, Stanley Hyatt, Carolyn Murdock, Ronald Lane, Peggy Phillips
3rd Row.  __________, James Duffy, Mildred Padgett, Ray Gann, __________, Early Johnson, Janelle Thornton__________, __________, Earl Johnson, Sarah Groover
4th Row.  Norma Jean Lanier, ______________, ______________, Alice? _ _ _?, __________, Dorothy McNease, Betty Hannah, __________, Shirley Smith,
5th Row. Margie Kyukendall, Anita McLeroy, Carol Womak, Betty _____, Audrey Pilgrim, _____________, Mrs. Westbrook

Ms. Hale 6th Grade

1st Row.  Carlton Hayes, Carolyn McKinney, Ronald Lane, Sue Johnson, Paul Pilgrim
 2nd Row.  Janelle Thornton, Eleanor Folsom, __________, Betty Kid, __________, Mildred Padgett, Sarah Sims, Anita McLeroy
 3rd Row.  Bobby Wise, __________, Norma Jean Lanier, Jeanette Padgett, __________, Alice? _ _ _?, Audrey Pilgrim, Early Johnson
 4th Row.  Mrs. Hale, Bobby Goss, Elizabeth Padgett, __________, Alonzo McKee, Bobby Bickers, Ray Gann

Ms. Archer 6th Grade

1st Row.  James Duffey, Joyce Smith, Peggy Phillips, Shirley Carver, Pat Drake, Carolyn Murdock, Stanley Hyatt, Knox Childers
2nd Row.  Shirley Smith, Shirley McGinnis, Dorothy McNease, Shirley Parker, Vivian Moore, Christine Cline, Mary Greak, Margie Kuykendall, Peggy Bickers, Colleen Sellers Janice Kiser
3rd Row.  Earl Johnson, Robert Nix, Paul Wade, Bobby Thompson, __________, Ernest Brownlee, John Smith, Edward McGuyrt, __________, Preston Hughes
4th Row. 
Mrs. Archer, Elmer Holden, Edward Monroe, Jerry Anderson, Betty Lou _____, Carol Womack, Betty Hannah, Jerry Hudgins, Billy Ivester, __________
picture provided by Shirley McGinnis Williams.

Ms. Salem's 6th and 7th Grade

Moving your mouse pointer over a face or head will show the person's name in the status bar located at the bottom left of your screen and also the name will show in a "tip box" that floats near the mouse pointer

J.H. Hudson Ronald Lane Larry Stephens Alonzo McKee Dianne Loggins Jackie Murdock Lavonnie Williams Audrey Pilgrim Mary Greak Patsy Parker Sue Johnson Carolyn Murdock Allen Guest Lamar Suddeth Knox Childers Edward McGuyrt Jerry Hudgens Uldis Palde Robert Nix Harold Davis Mrs. Salem

1st Row.  J.H. Hudson, Ronald Lane, Larry Stephens, Alonzo McKee
2nd Row.  Dianne Loggins, Jackie Murdock, Lavonnie Williams, Audrey Pilgrim, Mary Greak, Patsy Parker, Sue Johnson, Carolyn Murdock.
3rd Row. Allen Guest, Lamar Suddeth, Knox Childers, Edward McGuyrt, Jerry Hudgens, Uldis Palde, Robert Nix, Harold Davis, Mrs. Salem