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01. Who is this and where and when was it taken?  Answer: Sylvia (Farmer) Gloer and Alton Gloer.  Sylvia and Alton are still married and are approaching their 50th anniversary.  The picture was taken at the Senior Prom 1957.

02.  So, Who, in the words of an old Vaudeville comic, is this "Little Chick-a-Dee?"  And, who was the comic?   Answer: Diane Haddle Bridges is the Chick-A-Dee.  And, the comic was W.C. Fields

03.  What building is this and where is it located and when taken?   Answer: Alton Gloer supplied this picture.  He says, "It is a building that was demolished either while we were in school or shortly thereafter.  It is the old Atlanta Train Station (called Terminal Station) and it used to be our "Grand Central Station" where all the trains arrived in Atlanta.  It was located behind Rich's and about 2-3 blocks South on the other side of the street when I worked at Rich's I saw it often and ate lunch across the street from it.  It is an old postcard, and if you look closely the vehicles in it have not engines, but horses.  I think the picture is from around 1920."  Oh yes, the Omni complex is now located about 3-4 blocks north of this location and extends back past the water tower you see on the back right side. 
J Wells DC Trip  for more information regarding this station and another old one called "Union Station.". 

04.  What are these Kids doing?  Where are they?   Answer:  Jere A. Wells 7th grade kids waiting to board train for Wasington D.C.  They appear to be at the old "Terminal Station" pictured above. 
See:  J Wells DC Trip and see what you think?

05.  The train in this picture passed through East Point. What was the event? When did it happen? From where was the picture taken?  Answer: Jimmy Knight says, "I clearly remember April 13, 1945.  My mother and I stood in front of the Post Office [to] watch the train in this picture pass through East Point.  I wonder if any of our other classmates remember this.  What is the event?" Jimmy followed up, confirming that it was the train carrying President Roosevelt's body from Warm Springs, where he had died, to the nations Capitol.  He also mentioned the windows were curtained in black.   picture submitted by Jimmy Knight.


06.  One of two well known Central of Georgia trains passing through East Point.  What is its name?  A: Man O' War  Q: What was its route?  A: Atlanta to Columbus  Q: What was the name of the other famous train and what was its route? A: Nancy Hanks, Atlanta to Savanna  Q: What is the job title of the man holding sign?  A: Watchman Q: Who is he?   A: Jimmy Knight says, "Luther Reid." Q: What is the make of the car in the far right corner? A: Undetermined at this point, do you know?  Q: What is the building behind the car?  A: The East Point train station  Q: What is the name of the street crossing the tracks?  A: Cleveland Ave.  Q: What businesses are in the picture?  A: Undetermined at this point except for the Devoe Paint store.  Can you help?  Q: Do you see the trolley?