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More Grades To Follow (if you have print quality pictures for grades 1 through 4 and second grade six or can identify any of the children, please furnish to Jimmy Knight)

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Mrs. Harris

Rags, Tags and the Velvet Prince

 1st Row.  Nancy King, ______, ______, Richard Moore, Judy Fowler, (Unknown Twin), (Unknown Twin), Paul Collier, _____, Patsy Moore, Gail Winkles, Connie Vincent, ______, ______
 2nd Row.  Jimmy Knight, _______,
David McKinney, Allen Pope, Tommy Adams, Frank ____, Sandra Ledford, Rhodes Waller, ________,  _________,Danny Summer
 3rd Row.  Bill Rogers,
Barbara Hill, Martha Camp, Richard Carroll, Mary Boyle, Bill Nolan, Mike Cane, Diane Leverette, Dick Shelley, ________, W.F. Abercrombie


Velvet Prince   Richard Carroll     Mary (had a little lamb) Gail Winkles
Rags   Jimmy Knight     Queen of Hearts Mary Boyle
Little Bo Peep  Sandra Ledford     Little Miss Muffet  Nancy King
Goldie Locks   Diane Leverett     Little Boy Blue Allen Pope
Humpty Dumpty Bill Nolan     Princes Judy Fowler
Wee Willie Winkie  Richard Moore     Little Red Riding Hood  Patsy Moore

Ms. Gibbs
4th Grade

1st Row.  Tommy Watson, __________, Ralph Denmon, Jimmy Busbey
2nd Row. 
Joyce Anglin, __________, Joan Gibson, Jerry Burns, __________, Ralph Brooks, Jackie Lee, Richard Carroll, Virginia Currin
3rd Row.  Jackie Mangum, Winnie Jo Jessee, Carol Lawler, Pat Hunt, Jeanette Gresham, Linda Hamlin, Gail _____, ______, Lucretia Hill
4th Row.  Marvin Reese, Dick Shelley, Paul Collier, Mickey Sanders, Jimmy Roundtree, Harvey Heath, Charles Crumbly, Sam Strickland, Bill Nolan, Allen Pope

Mrs. Lipes
5th Grade

1st Row.  Carl Hampton, Dorothy Booth, Christine Burnett, Joyce Anglin, Jeanine Barrett Allen Pope
2nd Row. 
Tommy Watson, Jean Marshall, Bobby Turner, Barbara Meares, Tommy Adams, Beverly Peacock, Uldis Palde, Terry Thomas, Bill Crowe, Joan Gibson
3rd Row. 
Hazel McDuffie, ___________, Janice Wallace, Joyce Segrest, Jeanette Gresham, Mary Boyle, Francis Moore, Margaret Vickery, Myrna McDonald, Winnie Jo Jesse, Ester Mae _____, Mrs. Lipes
4th Row. 
Mickey Sanders, Bobby Willingham, Steve Akin, Bob Croker, Frank Cooper, Ronald Haney, Bobby Linzey, Jimmy Roundtree, W.T. Webb, Ronnie Peek
Not in picture.
Jimmy Knight

5th Grade
Ms. Millianes

1st Row.  Benny Ramah, Eugene Fuller, Sandra Cook, Lamar Cannon, Joan Gibson, Ralph Brooks, Bennie Skinner
2nd Row. 
Lucretia Hill, Kenneth Bearden, Frances Britt, Richard Carroll, Nancy King, Randy Gober, Jackie Lee, Charles Crumbly, Betty Kidd, Buddy Wilson
3rd Row. 
Carolyn Dixon, Gail Roberts, Linda Hamlin, Gertie Lee Hornsby, Janie McClanahan, Glenda Eason, Kay McGregor, Neila Houston, Frankie Young, Judy Javorsky
4th Row. 
Johnny Morris, Harold Peacock, Bill Nolan, Sam Strickland, William Smarr, Jimmy Jones, Jerry Burns, David Jones, Harold McDonald, Marvin Reese, Randall Busby, Ms. Millianes

5th Grade
Ms. Gurr


1st Row.  __________, Virginia Curran, Mary Jo Livingston, __________, __________, Barbara Eubanks, Judy Lee, Mike Matthews
2nd Row. 
Bill Grist, __________, Ralph Denmon, __________, Perry Holt, __________, __________, Gail Winkles, Kenneth Porter, Nora Lee Trimble
3rd Row.  __________, Shirley Foster__________, Diane Leverett, __________, __________, __________, Sandra Norris, __________, __________, Nancy Fielder, Carol Lawler
4th Row.  Tommy Washburn, Tommy Roddy, __________, __________, __________, Joe Jensen, Tommy Collins, Jimmy Cato, Newton Powell, Ms Gurr

6TH Grade
Ms. Isler

1st Row.  Diane Sapp, Judy Javorsky, Jackie Lee
2nd Row. 
Barbara B____?, Godent B____?, Bill Crowe, Nancy King, Lucretia Hill, Jeaneen Barrett, Jean Marshall, Carl Hampton, Reba P____?, Ronnie Peek
3rd Row. 
Ms. Isler, Betty Morris, Bobby Linsey, Neila Houston, Tommy Washburn, Eugene Fuller, Randall Busby, Bobby Turner, Sandra Cook, Johnny Morris, Ms. Suttles
4th Row. 
William Smarr, Bill Nolen, Harold Peacock, Tommy Roddy, Christine Burnett, Kay McGregor, Linda Hamlin, Nancy Fielder, Genie C____, Marvin Reese, Jimmy Cato, Newton Powell

6TH Grade
Ms. Buice

1st Row.  Pat Hunt, Tommy Watson, __________
2nd Row. 
Judy Lee, __________, Terry Thomas, Barbara Meares, __________, __________, Mary Ann Ward, Beverly Peacock, Frances Britt
3rd Row.  Jerry Burns, Mike Matthews, Frank Cooper, Tommy Adams, Bill Grist, Robert Little, Allen Pope, Kenneth Bearden, Richard Carroll, Ralph Denmon, Perry Holt, Buddy Wilson
4th Row.  _______, _______, _______, Ronald Haney, Joe Jensen, Ms Buice, Bob Taylor?, Hazel McDurrie, Janice Wallace, _______, Pamela White, Glenda Eason, Mary Jo Livingston
Not in picture.  Jimmy Knight

6th Grade
Ms. North

1st Row.  Jimmy Busby, Harold McDonald, Charles Crumbley, Kenneth Porter, Ralph Brooks, __________, Randy Gober
2nd Row. 
__________, Betty Kidd, Barbara Nolan, Dorothy Boothe, __________, Carolyn Dixon, Barbara Eubanks, Shirley Foster, Joyce Anglin
3rd Row.  Ms. North, Ricie Couch, Gail Winkles, Bob Croker, Paul Collier, Dick Shelley, Lamar Cannon, Sam Strickland, David Jones, __________, Jimmy Roundtree, Judy Fowler, Tamar Weaver
4th Row.  Tommy Collins, Diane Leverette, Sara Kimsey, Carol Lawler, Betty Austin, Jackie Mangum, Carolyn Hartley, Sandra Norris, __________, Pat Porter, Margaret Vickery

7th Grade
Ms. Barrow

1st Row.  Van Warr, Eugene Fuller, Jimmy Busbey, Lamar Cannon, Sam Strickland
2nd Row. 
Lucretia Hill, __________, Judy Lee, __________, Dorothy Boothe, Jeaneen Barrett, Jackie Lee, Barbara Nolan, Diane Sapp
3rd Row. 
Frank Cooper, Neila Houston, Margaret Vickery, Christine Burnett, Diane Austin, Carolyn Dixon, Glenda Eason, Tommy Roddy, Ms. Barrow
4th Row. 
Kenneth Bearden, Kenneth Porter, Johnny Mullinax, Harold Peacock, Jimmy Rountree, _____________

7TH Grade
Ms. Tucker before the establishment of Ms. Barrow's class early picture taken around Christmas

The seventh grade at Central Park initially had three classes.  Sometime relatively early in the school year a fourth class was established.  This is a picture of Ms. Tucker’s class before some of the students were moved to Ms. Barrow’s class.  The names below are generally from front to back and generally from left to right.

Sitting.  Bobby Duncan, Pat Vickery, Dorothy Boothe, Jerry Lingefelt, David Jones, Joe Jensen, Jimmy Knight, Judy Fowler, Diane Leverette, Diane Austin, Jan Carter
Standing Center. 
Pat Porter, (Someone is between Pat and Carolyn, possibly Janice Wallace), Carolyn Dixon, Mary Ann Ward, Jeanette Gresham, Carol Lawler, Judy Javorsky, (Someone peeking over Judy’s head, possibly Christine Burnett or Glenda Eason), Tamar Weaver, Nancy Fielder, Terry Thomas, (Mary Jo Livingston?), Judy Lee, Bill Nolan, Frank Cooper, Jimmy Goad, Lamar Cannon, Arvil Ivey, Richard Carroll, Kenneth Porter, Bill Grist, Sandra Norris, Jean Marshall, Hazel McDuffie
Standing Back. Bobby Willingham, Jimmy Cato, Charles Crumbley, David Reynolds, Dick Shelley, Jimmy Roundtree
Missing. Charles Barrett, Theron Dunaway, Janice Wallace

7TH Grade
Ms. Tucker after the establishment of Ms. Barrow's class

1st Row.  Bill Grist, David Reynolds, Charles Crumbley, David Jones, Richard Carroll, Charles Barrett
2nd Row. 
Jean Marshall, Terry Thomas, Judy Fowler, Judy Javorsky, Janice Wallace, Shirley Smith, Mary Ann Ward, Tamar Weaver, Jeanette Gresham
3rd Row.  Sandra Norris, Nancy Fielder, Jan Carter, Carol Lawler, Pat Porter, Pat Vickery, Hazel McDuffie, Ms. Tucker, Bobby Duncan.
4th. Row. 
Jerry Lingefelt, Bill Nolan, Dick Shelley, Jimmy Cato, Arvil Ivey, Jimmy Knight, Theron Dunaway, Bobby Willingham

7TH Grade
Ms. Campbell

1st Row.  Perry Holt, Carl Hampton, Jerry Burns, Bobby Linzey, Allen Pope
2nd Row.  Barbara Meares, Judy Lingerfelt, Myrna McDonald, Betty Morris, Nancy King, Carol Caudle, Joan Gibson, Sandra Cook, Shirley Foster
3rd Row.  Geraldine White, Brenda Munsey, Bessie Luck, Mary Jo Livingston, Estelle Peterson, Pamelia White, Pat Hunt, Sammy Merritt, Mrs. Campbell
4th Row.  William Smarr, Harold McDonald, Newton Powell, Mickey Sanders, Mike Cain, Ralph Brooks

7TH Grade

1st Row.  Beverly Peacock, Helen Boggs, __________, __________, Gail Winkles, Joyce Anglin, Ricie Couch, Linda Hamlin, Sara Kimsey, Betty Kidd
2nd Row. 
Tommy Adams, Randy Gober, __________, Barbara Eubanks, Janie Sue McClanahan, Carolyn Hartley, Kay McGregor, Ronnie Peak, __________
3rd Row. 
Frank Billingsley, Randall Busby, Mike Matthews, Tommy Washburn, Bobby Turner, Johnny Morris, Jimmy Taylor, Tommy Collins
, Mrs. Slaton