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Tom Thumb Wedding 1946

picture submitted by Joanna Simpson Paterson
Bride  Joyce Shuler, Groom  Jerry Burns,  Maid of Honor  Gwen Derrick
1st Row.  1 __________, 2 __________, 3 __________, 4 Marian Chapman (‘56), 5 __________, 6 Joanna Simpson, 7 __________, 8 __________, 9 C.J. Mowell, 10 Lewis Allen, 11 __________,  12 __________
Girls standing behind 1st Row and to extreme left and right.  Left  _________, Right  __________
2nd Row (short row).  1 Doris Derrick, 2 Virginia Curran, 3 __________, 4 “Minister” __________, 5 Joyce Anglin, 6, Charlotte Westbrook
Back Row.  1 __________, 2 Betty Avery, 3 Jeanette Williams, 4 Barbara Pitman (’56), 5 __________, 6 Francine _____, 7, Diane Duncan, 8 Tommy Pyle, 9 Jerry Watson, 10 Don Rainwater, 11 __________, 12 Jimmy Busbey, 13 _________
Note: The little preschooler in the audience looking back at the camera is Ora Scott (’58)

1ST Grade 1946
Ms. Moye

1st Row.  Johnny Alston, Kenneth Holland, Lamar Griffin, _____4_____, _____5_____
2nd Row. 
Marcia Foster, Gwendolyn Derrick, Joanna Simpson, Jerry Edwards, Tommy Pyle, Montene Swafford, Jimmy Roundtree, Betty Lou Avery, C.J. Mowell, ____10______, ____11______
3rd Row. 
Billy Landrum, Leila Sanders, __________, Jerry Burns, Lewis Allen, Joyce Shuler, Jerry Watson, Johnny Mullinax, Joyce Anglin, __________, Virginia Curran
4th Row. 
Virgil Baker, ______2_____, _____3____, ____4_____, Jimmy Busby, George Bauer, Francine _____, Don Rainwater, Charlotte Westbrook, Jeanette Williams, ____11____, Ms. Moye

2nd Grade 1947
Ms. Wise

1st Row.  ___________, Boon Cottongim , Dickie McLeroy, Jimmy McLeroy, Danny Shannon, Wayne Mullins, Paul Driskell, Sammy Merritt
2nd Row.  Leila Sanders, __________, __________, Robert _____, Ruby _____, Ralph Allen, Carol Whaley, Francis Gillis, __________
3rd Row.  Kenneth Coombs, Henry Parker, __________, __________, __________, __________, Kenneth Holland, __________, __________
4th Row.  Ms. Wise

2nd Grade
Ms. Pearce (a.k.a M. Pearce)

1st Row.  __________, Johnny Alston, __________, Kenneth Coombs, Stanley Hardy, Jimmy McLeroy, C.J. Mowell
2nd Row. __________, Joyce Anglin, Gwen Derrick, Charme Robinson, Nancy Griffin, Virginia Curran, __________, Joanna Simpson, Jeanette Williams, Joyce Shuler
3rd Row. __________, Jerry Edwards, Charlotte Westbrook, Marcia Foster, Francine _____, Alice _____, Montene Swafford, Betty Avery, Jimmy Busbey, Jerry Burns
4th Row.  __________, Billy Landrum, George Bauer, Tommy Pyle, __________, Virgil Baker, Donald Fisher, Don Rainwater, John Mullinax, Jerry Watson, __________
picture provided by
Joanna Simpson Patterson

3rd Grade
Ms. Dent (a.k.a L.L. Dent)

1st Row.  Dickie McLeroy, Johnny Alston, Jerry Burns, __________, Billy Landrum, C.J. Mowell, Sammy Merritt
2nd Row. Lewis Allen, __________, Joyce Anglin, Becky Brown, Gwen Derrick, Joanna Simpson, Marcia Foster, Joyce Shuler, Larry Jones
3rd Row. Leila Sanders, Carol Whaley, Alice _____, Charme Robinson, Nancy Griffin, __________, Betty Avry, Laverne Robinson
4th Row.  Tommy Pyle, Wayne Mullins, Jerry Edwards, __________, Michael Callahan, Virgil Baker, Sammy Grant, Don Rainwater
picture provided by
Joanna Simpson Patterson

3rd Grade 1948
Ms. Wise 
The grade and teacher for this picture is in question.

1st Row. David Bowen, __________, _____________, Montene Swafford,  Wayne Walker, Marie Cort, __________, ________
2nd Row.  __________, Jeanette Williams, Stanley Hardy, Charlotte Westbrook, Virginia Curran
3rd Row.  Jerry Watson, Gene Black, Donald Fisher, Johnny Mullinax, George Bauer, Kenneth Coombs, __________

4th Grade 1949
Ms. Wise

Colonial Hills 4th grade class attending Harris Street.    Colonial Hills School was torn down and the 4th grade class attended Harris Street until Jere A. Wells was built and then class moved there for 5th grade.

1st Row.  John Alston, Kenneth Coombs, __________, Joyce Shuler, Becky Brown, Gwen Derrick
2nd Row. C.J. Mowell, Jeanette Williams, Jerry Watson, Marcia Foster, Johnny Mullinax, Charlotte Westbrook, Billy Landrum, ___________, _____, Montene Swafford
3rd Row. Dickie McLeroy, Lavern Robinson, Charme Robinson, Nancy Griffin, Betty Lou Avery, Joanna Simpson, Marie Cort, Jimmy McLeroy
4th RowGeorge Bauer, Wayne Mullins, Gene Black, Sammy Grant, Virgil Baker, Sammy Merritt, Stanley Hardy, Larry Jones