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History of Police Department
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Charles Lindbergh Parade, East Point, GA 
October 18, 1927

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Trains of the early and mid 1900's


GEORGIA GLORY by Robert West

East Point, Georgia, Circa 1949

Here is a boyhood favorite memory of Robert's at East Point, Georgia north of Cleveland avenue towards the interlocking tower which has since been torn down, given way to the modern electronic centralized traffic control now handled out of Jacksonville. East Point was originally the eastern most terminus of the Atlanta and West Point railroad and due to its strategic importance East Point became the seventh largest industrial city in the state of Georgia up until the 1970's. Here is where Robert would ride his bicycle to and timed so that he would arrive so he would catch the East Point route of the afternoon Southern Crescent in route to New Orleans. The primary Crescent went to Birmingham and on to New Orleans, and the secondary Crescent went by East Point, College Park, Newnan, LaGrange, West Point, Opelika, and then on to New Orleans. Here we are looking at the Crescent pulled by the 290, alongside the Southbound Central of Georgia Flamingo, on its way to Jacksonville, pulled by Diesels, in the transition era of the 50's. What also is unique about this is the Southern #290 is owned by the Atlanta Chapter of the NRHS and is currently being restored at the Duluth Railway museum. Robert actually painted this several years ago and has decided to now release it as a print.

Print Size 23" x 2-3/4", Image Size 22" x 11", ©2001 Mainline Memories

The above print can be purchased signed for $30 at http://www.railwayshop.com/rwest/georgia-glory.html

History of Connelly Family

Pioneer settlers, Thomas W. Connelly his wife and Temperance Peacock, pose in front of their East Point home in 1883.  The couple had sixteen children.  Standing with them is their granddaughter, Electa and their domestic servant, Aunt Martha. 

Jimmy Knight writes, "Richard Carroll and I used to play on the remains of the old Connelly Plantation slave houses.  One time Elizabeth Leverette (Diane Leverette’s mother) told us a story about some kids finding a man hanging on a tree near the old Connelly house.  It must have been around 1925 or so.  The Connelly’s of East Point go back to around 1830, more than 20 years before East Point was named.  The Connelly cemetery still exists."

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East Point Historical Society

Established by the East Point Woman's Club, the East Point Historical Society celebrated the opening of it's Headquarters on December 2, 1979. Today it resides at the renovated Morgan House, which had been donated to the City by Earl Edmondson [a 57 Graduate] and was relocated to it's current location at 1685 Norman Berry Drive, East Point, Georgia.

With more space and greater accessibility, the Society has been able to expand both its collections and service to the community. The historical society's extensive collections include historic maps of East Point, railroad memorabilia, historic photographs, scrapbooks, manuscripts and diaries, and a collection of oral history audio tapes and transcriptions, and bound volumes of Atlanta's Suburban Reporter dated 1931-1970.

Click HERE for more information from southfulton.org/eastpoint.

Visit the East Point Historical Society

East Point Historical Society Complex

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Train located about where the old public pool used to be.
Anyone have pictures of the old pool or the original old, old pool?

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Dedication Plaque
House was moved to this site
from it's original location

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Society Building
Donated by Earl Edmundson (class of '57)

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Best to visit on
Thursday and Saturday


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