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Some '57 Era Architecture Remains   For a link to much more East Point today click HERE.

CityHall.jpg (9402 bytes)
City Hall (built1933)

cityhall.jpg (17520 bytes)
City Hall

auditorium.jpg (20926 bytes)
Auditorium (1931)
Seat 965 people with a  total capacity of 1,025. 
For rental,  call (404) 765-1014.

 what was the name of the 1957 senior play?
and who was in it

postoffice.jpg (16223 bytes)

Old Post Office (1930's)

library.jpg (19094 bytes)
Old Library
there is now a new Library
Location? - where?

Plack.jpg (34108 bytes)
Thanking Those Who Served
(located below old Library building)

plak2.jpg (17471 bytes)

Thanking Those Who Served
(located below old Library building)

plak3.jpg (22526 bytes)

Canon.jpg (25859 bytes)
City Hall Canon
that used to sit in front of the City Hall
now sits below the old Library building

SumnerParkRec.jpg (20915 bytes)
Sumner Park Recreation Center

epbuggyworks.gif (10121 bytes)

Buggy Works

Grammar Schools

ChurchStreetGSchool.jpg (17486 bytes)
Central Park Grammar School
Boarded up and ground gone to weeds.

CSSchool2.jpg (15667 bytes) Central Park from the Symns Street side.

TheRock.jpg (21773 bytes)
He, defending his spot atop the rock, was king of the hill.   The "Big Rock" on Central Park play grounds

ColonialHillsGram1.jpg (15353 bytes)
Site of Old Colonial Hills Elementary School

CondosOnMain.jpg (18281 bytes)
In front of the site now sits loft houses facing Main street

JereAWells.jpg (16619 bytes)
Old Jere A. Wells Elementary School on Newnan Ave.


  EPBEntrance.jpg (20711 bytes)
First Baptist Church entrance

EPBaptist.jpg (18041 bytes)
First Baptist Church

EPBCornerStone.jpg (25094 bytes)
Corner Stone

ChurchOnChurch.jpg (21701 bytes)
First United Methodist Church

ChurchCityHall.jpg (17410 bytes)
East Point Ave.
United Methodist Church
Nellie's Chapel

across from City Hall







For more Info, See:

ColonHillBab.jpg (19559 bytes)
Old Colonial Hills Baptist Church

JeffPrkBab2.jpg (20080 bytes)
Jefferson Ave. Baptist Church

MARTA Changes Main Street

mainstreet1.jpg (17130 bytes)
Main Street looking North

mainstreet2.jpg (14506 bytes)
Main Street looking North


Historic Neighborhoods
Information from http://www.eastpointneighbors.com/attractions.htm
East Point Historic Neighborhoods contain intact examples of late 19-century and early to mid 20-century residential and commercial architecture,     which consist of various styles: Craftsman and Classical Bungalows, Victorian Cottages and Queen Anne’s. From the Revival Period: English Cottages, American and Dutch Colonials, Tudors, Cape Cods and Spanish Colonials

East Point was convenient and that is how it grew from a 16 family citizenry in the 1850’s, to its present metropolitan status.


Historic governmental facilities include; The East Point City Hall (1933), its auditorium (1939) and the old library, which is on the same grounds. The old post office built in the 1930’s and is also in this area.


There are also many historical churches.   “Nellies Chapel,” now known as East Point Avenue Methodist Church sits in the heart of downtown. The original land was donated by a local physician in 1873, and was named after his daughter ”Nellie”. In 1919 it was moved to it current location on East Point Street. The first Baptist church was built in 1924. This gray granite building displays the Jacobean architectural style and is located on the corner of East Point Street and Thompson Avenue. The gray granite came from Stone Mountain, in Stone Mountain Georgia. Other Churches include: The first United Methodist church built in 1920;the sanctuary was added in 1967. The East Point Presbyterian Church built in 1915 and the East Point Christian Church built around 1951

Residential Property Values Soar.   Did Your Family Own Property Here?

Jefferson Park
is a mix of
wood cottages
brick bungalows.

LOCATION: In the city of East Point, between Sylvan Hills Road, Cleveland Avenue and Main Street

PRICE RANGE: $125,000-$250,000

SCHOOLS: Fulton County Schools: Tri-cities High, Woodland Middle, Mount Olive Elementary

PERKS: Minutes from both HiFi Buys Amphitheatre and Hartsfield International Airport, as well as restaurants and shops in East Point

Jefferson Park East Point area attracts eclectic group of homeowners - PRICE RANGE: $125,000-$250,000


The quaint neighborhood in East Point known as Jefferson Park is an eclectic mix of post-World War II wood cottages and brick bungalows that have become a staple of intown living. Forgoing the 'burbs, urban dwellers are seeking out the homes originally built to house the boys and their families after the war to begin their own families.

"We searched all over metro Atlanta looking for an affordable place with a big yard, from Lithonia to Lilburn, even up to Acworth," says Amy Williams, a Jefferson Park resident for two years. "We came to look around here and made an offer on our house the next day. It was only later that we learned how desirable this neighborhood actually is."

Real estate broker Mike Baker explains that the neighborhood has weathered the years better than many of the others in East Point because it never became heavily rental, rather original owners hung on to their houses and only recently began selling.

"A few years ago when I told someone about a home in East Point, they made a face like they had just bit into a lemon," Baker says. "Now it's become a place people seek out to live. I've seen houses double in value over the last couple of years."

He's most impressed by the retention of the new residents. Baker says of the hundreds of homes that he's helped people purchase, fewer than 10 have been re-sold.

Williams and her husband Craig echo the same feeling. "Everyone seems to care about this neighborhood. There are many longtime residents, but there is also an infusion of new blood -- young couples and families with kids moving in," she says.

Neighborhood Association President Kirk Cameron feels that the native residents or those who have lived there for a long time have seen the ups and downs and are welcoming the change new residents are bringing. "Many people have been here since before Hartsfield [Airport] and when people moved out, the neighborhood began to suffer," he says. "They are glad to see their neighbors' homes being renovated."

Cameron also credits the strong gay population that has called Jefferson Park home as vital to its popularity. As in many other areas where the home prices were low and close to town, says Cameron, gay and lesbian residents have renovated, raised home prices and created a desirable neighborhood.

Jefferson Park recently applied for historical district status but residents are still awaiting the decision. Whatever the final outcome, the residents of Jefferson Park look like they'll be sticking around for a while.

Conley Hills.jpg (13363 bytes)


The homes in Conley Hills range in style, taste and color, much like the residents of the tight-knit community.

LOCATION: In East Point bordered by Simms Street, Normanberry Parkway, Washington Road and Kimmeridge Drive

PRICE RANGE: $100,000-$280,000

SCHOOLS: Conley Hills Elementary, Oak Knoll Elementary, Paul D. West Middle, Tri-Cities High schools

AMENITIES: Residents enjoy a quick 10-minute drive to downtown, access to the East Point Marta station and a five-minute ride to Hartsfield Airport.

EVENTS: Conley Hills Tour of Homes is usually in May

Conley Hills

Coming out East Point's Conley Hills celebrates its diverse residents and homes


When Rick Westbrook and his partner decided to move from their Smyrna residence, they were looking to buy a home built around the '20s or '30s with excellent design. Although they originally desired to live in the trendy Garden Hills area of Buckhead, the area was too pricey for Westbrook. After searching the metro area, they took the plunge to move from north of the city to the south and into the Conley Hills neighborhood in East Point.

"In the past, I thought of south Atlanta as a poor, rundown area and now that I am here, I find that not to be true," says Westbrook, who is also the co-chair of the Conley Hills Tour of Homes.

Founded in the mid-'20s, Conley Hills remains one of East Point's hidden treasures with its diverse residents and considerably low home prices. Westbrook sees the inaugural tour, which highlights nine homes in various styles including craftsmen bungalows, Tudors and brick cottages, as a true Southern "coming-out" party. "Our homes are as nice as the ones in Garden Hills," boasts Westbrook.

That pride is echoed by Melanie Keane, president of the Historic Conley Hills Neighborhood Association. "Homeowners have worked hard to restore their homes. It's time to show everybody else what we are all about," she says.

The area's recreation centers such as Sumner Park house tennis courts, picnic areas and the Dick Lane Velodrome, which allows the 'hood to host frequent bike races.

The community is even in the process of getting itself listed on the National Register of Historic Places, a feat that would increase property values that have already begun rising.

"It would be nice to verify Conley Hills as a historic community. Being on the National Register will give us the recognition we deserve," says Jennifer Macon, the vice president of the Historic Conley Hills Neighborhood Association.

In addition to its pending historic validation, Conley Hills is composed of a broad range of residents. Westbrook remembers last year's community theme of "black or white, gay or straight, move to East Point and renovate." That rallying call has been essential in gaining momentum in the area with new faces showing up to buy homes and improving the quality of life for everyone. Downtown East Point has seen recent development of new lofts and businesses and Conley Hills is benefiting from this upsurge in new construction.

Westbrook smiles when he reveals that his fears about moving to south Atlanta are gone. The value of his home has doubled over the past three years. He knows his neighbors and enjoys social activities with them. And the tour of homes is ready to show the rest of this city what Conley Hills is all about.


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