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Places and People of the 50's and before  also check out an outstanding site recommended by Joel Bryant that has a lot of old Atlanta pictures -  Civic Center, Philgreens, etc.   Click HERE to go there.

Grammar Schools and Russell High School

Harris Street School-s.jpg (8110 bytes)
Harris Street School
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  1. Play ground was to the right of the picture behind the fence.

  2. Ball field was in the corner of the same lot at Jefferson and Harris Streets.

  3. Behind the school and play ground was the rock stadium seats for Russell High visiting team fans.

photo provided by Jimmy Knight

Main Street

photo taken from East Point web site

Photograph of Dowda Shoe Shop, East Point, Fulton County, Georgia, 1912
Classmate, Allen Pope,  tells us, "The shoe shop was not in existence during our time.  It belonged to my mother's father, L. B. Dowda." 
photo submitted by Allen Pope


Harris Grocery Store (Supermarket?)
Allen Pope tells us, "......the old original Harris grocery. I believe it was located on Cleveland Ave. between Main St. And East Point St.  It is the same Harris family [as the owners of the Harris grocery at Cleveland and Sylvan].  Clifford Harris was married to my Dads baby sister." photo submitted by Allen Pope


The above two photos submitted by Alton Gloer.  He thinks they were taken around 1955 or 56.  .Anyone know what the occasion might have been?

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