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Population 2000: 39,595; Incorporated : 1887; Metro area: Atlanta; Latitude: 33.679N Longitude: -84.439W Time zone: Eastern Daylight Saving
Named as the eastern terminus of the Atlanta & West Point Railroad completed in 1853.  During the American Civil War it was a strategic point for Confederate forces defending Atlanta.
Attractions:     Dick Lane Velodrome
                         East Point Historical Society  a  great site offering Wildcat T shirts and many interesting historical photos of  East Point

Colleges and universities: Atlanta Christian College
Municipal address:
2777 E. Point St.
East Point, GA 30344
incorporated 1887. Manufactures include textiles, fertilizer, metal and paper products, and machinery. Atlanta Christian College (1937) is here. The community was established as the eastern terminus (hence its name) of the Atlanta and West Point Railroad, 

At the time of 1957, East Point was a typical small, suburban city to Atlanta.  There was little crime and rather than a suburb to what was then a medium sized city, East Point seemed more a small American town.  Television was just taking hold and radio was still the mainstay media in most homes.  Coal burning locomotives were on the way out and being replaced by Diesel engines.  For many, the "Electric Trolley" was their only local mode of transportation.  Advertisements for homes for sale or rent, apartments were not yet fashionable, would boast, "near the Trolley line."  Fast food franchises were starting to pop up.  There was a MacDonald's in Hapeville, and East Point had their own Dairy Queen just across Main Street from the high school.  Tennis shoes were "U.S. Keds" as running shoes and Nike, Reebok and others were years away.  Girls actually wore dresses and Levi's were the pants de jour for the guys.  Baggies would have been laughed out of town.  Douglas DC7's were fast transportation but were on the verge of being overtaken by these new "jet" jobs and it would not be long before "Sputnik" would become a familiar and worrisome term.  Did you know there actually were "paper boys" delivering their goods by bike and making the Saturday rounds collecting for their services.  Who had ever heard of a lawn service; lucky ones, could pay the kid next door a quarter to use the old reel type push mowers to cut their lawn.  Gas mowers were around the corner though, and some few, likely the ones sporting TVs, already had one.

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