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Most of pictures seen here were photographed in the Teaching Museum at the old North Ave. Grammar School in Hapeville.

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Photo - year unknown





Some furniture salvaged from the school

John J. Egan

Donated Land for the School. Did his picture hang somewhere in the school?

Mr. Giesler

Taught drafting


Band or Majorette?


What Sport?

The Colonel

Mr. L.L. Deck, principal - ran a tight ship

Teachers lounge room

Are we all paying attention here?

Teachers lounge

Serious discussion going on here.

Corner Stone

From the Industrial Arts Building

Mr. Gunn

What did he teach?

Mr. Paul D. West

Inside cover page

'57 Pointer Cover

One of the few years that was bound in white.

Tile from original Russell school

Came from the roof. School was demolished in 1928

Mr. Truitt

Algebra teacher and one rough football coach


Band or Majorette?

William A Russell

Did this picture once hang somewhere in the school?

Wild Cat

Wild Cat