Name That Tune
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This is a sort of a "Guess Who, What or Where" page.  Click the Answer button at the top to check your memory. 


01. Who is this and where and when was it taken?  (ANSWER)

02.  So, Who, in the words of an old Vaudeville comic, is this "Little Chick-a-Dee?"  And, who was the comic?   (ANSWER)

03.  What building is this and where is it located and when taken?   (ANSWER)

04.  What are these Kids doing?  Where are they?   (ANSWER)

05.  The train in this picture passed through East Point. What was the event? When did it happen? From where was the picture taken?  (ANSWER)


06.  One of two well known Central of Georgia trains passing through East Point.  What is its name?  What was its route?  What was the name of the other famous train and what was its route?  What is the job title of the man holding sign?  Who is he?  What is the make of the car in the far right corner? What is the building behind the car?   What is the name of the street crossing the tracks?  What businesses are in the picture?  Do you see the trolly?  (ANSWER)