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bulletMost of our Class of 57 classmates would have been in the first grade in 1945-1946, second grade in 1946-1947, third grade in 1947-1948, etc.  In addition, there was a private kindergarten at Central Park that we would have attended in 1944-1945.
bulletThere were six grammar schools in East Point during these years: Central Park, Church Street, Harris Street, Jere A. Wells, Marion Smith and Colonel Hills.
bulletJere A. Wells was constructed in 1948-1949 as a replacement for Colonel Hills.  Most of the Colonial Hills kids went to Harris Street during the construction.  The 4th grade class picture with most of the Colonial Hills kids was taken at Harris Street School in May 1949. 
bulletThere were a large number of kids (25-35) that went to Church Street in the first grade then transferred to Central Park in the second grade.  This move was made
to provide space for an enlarged cafeteria. 
bulletChurch Street only included four grades.  After completing the fourth grade we went to Central Park for the 5th 7th grades.  Apparently, we were the first group during the 1940s to attend Church Street for four grades.  The Russell High Class of 1956 and earlier classes only went to Church Street through the third grade.
bulletOur 1952-1953 Russell High Pointer has 334 eighth grade pictures.  It is reasonable to assume there were about the same number of kids in the seventh grade.  The seventh grade pictures have between 20 and 38 kids in each picture.  Most have 27-31 kids.  Therefore, there were probably 12 or possibly 13 seventh grade pictures.
bulletSome classmates had the same teachers more than one year.  For example, some of the Colonial Hills kids had Ms. Wise for three or four consecutive years.
bulletAt least one class at Marion Smith combined two grades into one class.  Ms. Salem taught a combined 6th and 7th grade class that included some of our Class of 1957 classmates and also some of the Class of 1958 kids.