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There was more to getting an education than books and classrooms.  One aspect of that was sporting events.  At some time we would hope to expand this category to include all the team sports conducted and attended during our Wildcat years.  For now, we start with newspaper articles and clippings contributed by Dick Shelly that cover some memorable Football and Baseball events.  Any of you out there that have more to share, please contact John Mullinax or Jimmy Knight and we will make every attempt to include them here.  Notably missing are any Girl, Basketball, or Track events.  Also any out there that would like to see other activities such as Band, Coral, etc posted just let us know.

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A Shaft Of Hope Developed in the 55-56 Season

In an early October game, a spectacular win over Griffin suddenly gained the Wildcats respect as a contender.  Two articles describe this achievement.   The team continued its winning ways by defeating Rome 7- 0.  Sadly the brilliant season ends with a loss to Rossville 12-0 thus ending their playoff berth hopes. The senior players were some of Russell's best and they had the benefit of some very talented under classmen.   

The 56 - 57 Season Starts Well

The Russell Wildcat team was moved from a class 4-AA team to class 4-AAA for the 56-57 season.  Again many of the former year underclassmen were now performing well as seniors.  They were undefeated in the early part of the season and the streak was broken by loss to SW DeKalb.

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The Wildcat team was a dominate player in the 4-AAA South Baseball League.  Our lass of '57 had some outstanding players and their accomplishments are captured in some of the recovered articles of that period. 

Notable games were Wildcats over Decatur 17-3; Wildcats over Athens Trojans 5 -3; Russell Bats Down Decatur 9 - 8; Comeback Keeps Wildcats on Unbeaten 4-AAA Path and MVP May Be Shelly.

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