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The Class of ’57 Trivia
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Answers will be posted at a later date.  In the meantime, you may wish to demonstrate your phenomenal retention of current events of that period, by going to the Discussion page and giving us your answers.

What was the name of the Russell yearbook?     Who was the Editor?   Associate Editor?    To whom was it dedicated?
Who was captain of the Majorettes?  Who was Drum Major?    
Who was captain of the Cheerleaders?  Co-captain?    
What was the name of the Senior Play?      
What was the theme for the Junior – Senior Prom?      
What was our record in football?  Boy’s Basketball? Girl’s Basketball? Baseball?
Can you name the two seniors who were officers in the Band?      
Who were the speakers at our Graduation?      
Who were the accompanists at our Graduation?      
How may Russell students graduated on May 25, 1957?      
Who was president of the United States?  Vice President?    
What was the big “civil rights” issue of 1957?      
What was the most noteworthy scientific achievement in 1957?      
What movie won the Academy Award?  Best Actor?  Best Actress?  
What team won the World Series?  What team was the Pro Football champion?  Pro Basketball?  

Who was the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion?


Did you know?

  • Average Annual Income was $4,594
  • Average Cost of a New Car was $2,157
  • Average Cost of a New House $12,225
  • A Loaf of Bread Cost $.19
  • A Gallon of Gas Cost $.24
  • A Gallon of Milk Cost $1.00
  • The Dow Jones Average Ranged form 419.79 to 520.77
  • Life Expectant was 69.6 years
  • The Minimum Wage was $1.00